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Margaret Bernstein

An award-winning writer who inspires the best in people 

Director of Advocacy & Community Initiatives


I'm a Cleveland-based journalist who has won a wide array of awards for my writing and also for my commitment to my community. In 2000, I was named National Big Sister of the Year by Big Brothers Big Sisters of America. I'm the 2008 winner of the National Association of Black Journalists’ Community Service Award. My books are tools that readers are using to improve our world.

All in a Dad's Day

A fun storybook for fathers to read aloud. Children whose dads read with them do better in school!

Steve Killpack,

Executive Director of the Healthy Fathering Collaborative of Cleveland

"Margaret's books have such a strong message for urban fathers, one they find warm and encouraging.” 

Lynn Gaines

Member, Akron Alliance Fellowship

"Margaret has left us with a dynamic charge and call to action - thanks so much Margaret, what a blessing!"

Yvonne Pointer

Speaker, Activist, and Philanthropist 

"Margaret Bernstein has a way of using words that breaks through clutter and into our consciousness. She leads us down the path toward action."