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Why I'm passionate about this...

The story began

I collaborated with these three inspiring young men -- the famed "Three Doctors" of Newark, N.J. -- to write The Bond: Three Young Men Learn to Forgive and Reconnect With Their Fathers (Riverhead, 2007).  In this follow-up to their bestseller, The Pact, the three doctors explore the effect that growing up without fathers had on their lives. While writing it, I became deeply moved by the impact that a father’s absence has on a child’s life. “What can I do to help change this cycle?” I asked myself, and the idea for my first children’s book,  All In A Dad’s Day was born.

before I knew it

My community was cheering me on, giving me all the support I needed to spread my message! In 2012 I published All In A Dad’s Day, with funding from Northeast Ohio Health Services and the Healthy Fathering Collaborative of Northeast Ohio. More than 12,000 copies of the book, a storybook for fathers of color to read to their children, have been distributed across the country so far. And the book is fulfilling its purpose, helping spotlight and strengthen the bond between fathers and children. I was deeply honored when actor Bill Cobbs led the crowd in reading it in unison at the culmination of a My Brothers Keeper event in Cleveland.

I now have the privilege of leading a movement

I've become the drum major for a growing effort that blends literacy with community and family engagement.

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